I highly recommend taking advantage of as many of the DNRS program resources as possible. Alex and I embarked on a route that was extremely effective for us. First, we started with the DNRS Instructional DVDs, which is also available online. The DNRS Program offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the DVD Program. Alex and I set aside seven days to move through the program, though the DVDs can be completed more quickly or over a longer time period.  However, I do recommend that once you start that you commit to setting aside time on a daily basis until you complete the DVDs. We also purchased the transcription books.

comparison_dvdFor me, I found the DVD program to be a perfect preparation for the Interactive Training Seminar. Attending the seminar was extremely powerful for me and it equipped me with the tools to come home and inspire Alex to commit to the DNRS program. The work that I did with my fellow attendees also laid the groundwork for me to understand how to use the DNRS program for myself, while also guiding Alex.  

Finally, the other critical component to our success was hiring a DNRS coach.  Alex and I video-conferenced with our coach twice a month for nine months. I continue to consult with our coach to assist my daughter who has some similar but mild limbic system dysfunction. For more information about DNRS Program services and resources, click here: www.retrainingthebrain.com/products. If you have any questions before making any purchases, you can call or send an e-mail to a representative here.