3alexs-words1My mom has elaborated on the details of my illness and recovery, therefore I would like to explain the major positive impacts of having to live through possibly the worst four years of my life. I am sure many of you have been let down time and time again by the supposed “magical cure”. While the DNRS program is nothing magical or spontaneous, it is the cure for which you have been searching and longing. The DNRS program has taken me from the lowest point of my life to the highest point of my life.

My first day as a freshman in high school felt like a dream, and being able to mundanely walk from class to class was not mundane in the least. Every “boring” activity brought forth joy and excitement as I had finally achieved a life of normalcy. Having gone through the brutal trial of my illness, I have a newly found appreciation of my life. I am more motivated than I ever have been. I believe I have a leg up on life that very few high school students have and as a result I have been able to excel.

From dropping out of society to becoming a freshman starter on a varsity football team and finishing the school year with straight A’s, has been nothing short of exhilarating. These achievements are particularly meaningful as playing football was my number one DNRS visualization. Excelling academically is so meaningful because during my illness I lost belief in myself as a student. It is sometimes difficult to articulate and comprehend how miraculous my healing journey has been, but I hope that through this testimony and this website that I will inspire you to commit to the DNRS program.  Remember, even if you initially struggle to see results, keep going and they will come.

– Alex