As I write our story, it is May 2018.  Alex and I had the surreal and very wonderful experience of presenting our success story at a recent DNRS seminar.  Alex is wrapping up his freshman year of high school with straight A’s, solidly comfortable in his academic ability and highly motivated to succeed and fully explore his potential.  He has a fun part-time job earning his own money. He is looking forward to a summer of exciting residential camps, a family vacation to Costa Rica, scuba diving in kelp forests, camping trips, and football practice. He dreams of unlimited college and career opportunities.  ALEX CAN GO ANYWHERE AND DO ANYTHING.


I am filled with gratitude for our DNRS journey and am often brought to tears of joy when I wake in the morning, as we sit with friends in a restaurant, as I watch Alex and his sister wrestle and laugh.  I feel exceedingly blessed to live a normal, everyday life and to envision the potential of my children’s lives stretched out before them. I am often still stunned by everything, alternately that Alex is healed, or that we even experienced those three terrible years. Alex sees the blessing in those years, and will often speak of how he is thankful for the insight and skills and the sense of empowerment he has gained from the experience. I am awed by the power this programs gives to individuals.  Last and most of all, my sincerest thank you to Annie Hopper, our coach Jana Smith, and all my “Ojai sisters” whom I think of all the time. Many thanks to Annie’s husband, James Tozer, who so compassionately interviewed Alex and me and listened to our story.